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What is BARF?  BARF stands for Bones And Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, depending on which books you read. The basic principle is to feed a diet that the animals have evolved to eat, or to put it another way AS NATURE INTENDED.

For thousands of years, dogs roamed the ancient world. They made their homes on the Savannahs of Africa, the plains of India and the forests of Europe, Asia and the Americas. Packs of dogs swirled through every type of terrain in every climate. They ate what they could wherever they could. Their food came from three sources: prey, scavenged and grazed items. Prey would be mainly herbivores, for example rabbits, deer, sheep or antelope. Scavenged food was food which dogs, acting as nature’s cleaners, devoured from the scraps left over from the meals of big, messy carnivores such as lions, bears and pumas. Grazed food included apples, berries and other wild fruits and nuts in season, and formed a small but significant part of a dog’s diet, especially during summer.A BARF feeding diet is as close to nature as we can get and with the right mix your pets will live a happier healthy life.

Why choose BARF ? When you switch your pet’s diet to BARF, changes occur. Some are immediate, others take time. The first change you’ll see is a new zest for life. Young and active dogs show a remarkable increase in stamina and energy. Older – and even arthritic dogs – take a renewed interest in life, want to go walks again, play ball and join in family activities. Cats become more active and mobile too, but in more subtle ways.