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Why I got involved in feeding a Raw Diet.

In 2008, my daughter lost her Irish Wolfhound, Kealan, to cancer. He was a gentle giant, with a big heart and it broke our hearts when it was his time to say goodbye. Even back then, she decided her next dog would be fed raw.

Like it was meant to be, the breeder of her next dog, Villain,  was a supporter of raw food. I, myself, re-homed a dobermann, AJ, from the same breeder and began the raw feeding program. Flirtt came to live with Villain a bit later on.

Millie, our other dog, came to live with us in 2010. She had spent 15 months at a kennel, her owner could not take Millie with her overseas. At 10 years young, she still had a lot to give so I wanted to give her the best for as long as she was with us.

We had seen Big Dog BARF for sale so decided to try it. The dog’s liked it and it looked to have ‘good stuff’ in it. It was like the breeder had recommended but already prepared.

I bought a copy of Dr. Clare Middle’s book “real food for dog’s and cats”. This book had so much information in it for both dogs and cats (yes I have re-homed a cat too, she prefers the kangaroo BARF for cats).

My dogs and cat do not get any tinned food or kibble these days, nor do I give them any cooked food. They all have Raw Diet and the dogs, raw meaty bones.

Once a week I get any 

leftover greens (lettuce, capsicum, spinach, celery, parsley etc) pumpkin, carrot, even soft tomato and blend them all together with a little water. Then I freeze it into ice cube trays. I add a couple of thawed cubes to the BARF meal every day. Blended food is absorbed quickly where as larger pieces of vegetable pass through as fiber.

I have not seen my dog’s look healthier. Both AJ and Millie shine and are full of life. Millie has just gone 12 and still scampers up the driveway. Tabitha is only 14 months old but healthy and full of life.

All four dogs are a testament to feeding only raw. We expect to have these companions for a long long time as we have invested our time and energy into their wellbeing.

I decided to become a Big Dog Barf distributor in this area to supply pet owners the best commercially prepared raw dog and cat food on the market today.

Fast forward to February, 2018, we have lost Aj and Millie but Villain, Flirtt, Rastus, Jerry and Tabitha are still with us.

More and more people are switching their dogs and cats to a raw diet.


Rastus and Jerry

Rastus and Jerry








Our pets who have now passed on.

In loving memory of Kealan October 2002 ~ August 2008

In loving memory of Annie (? ) ~ October 2013

In Loving memory of Ruffael aka “Malisco Secret Within”


In loving memory of Khorann aka “Malisco Lonely Dancer”










In Loving memory of our first Doberman “Kurgon” 1992 – 2004