Organic Paws

Prod code Product name Package size PRP per Unit ex GST
OPBR Beef Recipe 2.25kg (3x750g) $38.50
OPLR Lamb Recipe 2.25kg (3x750g) $37.00
OPCR Chicken Recipe 2.25kg (3x750g) $37.00
OPRR Roo Recipe 2.25kg (3x750g) $37.00
OPFC Fish & Chicken Recipe 2.25kg (3x750g) $38.50
OPOB Powerhouse Organ Blend with Turkey Recipe 1.3kg (2x650g) $30.50
OPLCB Powerhouse Lamb & Chicken with Turmeric & Coconut Oil 1.5kg (3x500g) $30.50
OPMCR Mini Meals - Chicken & Roo 500g (5x100g) $13.95
OPMCT Mini Meals - Chicken & Turkey 500g (5x100g) $13.95

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