I am the proud owner of two very beautiful and loving dogs and was very impressed with the change in their health when I moved from tined dog food to BARF.

My boy is a Great Dane X Lab who is now 8 and my girl (whom I adopted) is a Golden Retriever and approx 9 to 10 years old.

My boy was getting very slow at getting up and was not as energetic as he used to be. I put this down to him being a big dog and the general consensus being that the bigger the dog the shorter the life span. So with him getting older I assumed that this was part of life. My girl, when she came to us, she too was slow, and not very energetic and would be limping after a short walk down the street just to collapse and go to sleep when she got home.

BARF was introduced to me through a friend who is a terrific dog trainer and happens to be the daughter of the person who sells this product. I bought a box just to try it and see how the dogs would like it. It was very well received so I decided to see what it would do for their health. I also looked into the whole weight to food ratio, took them to the vet for a check up on what their weights should be for their size etc. After a few months of this new diet I noticed one day while out throwing the ball how energetic both of them had become. Also their weight had dropped and they were both looking and acting like puppies again. It was great to see some life come back into them both and it is a real joy to go outside with them and know that we can do some real fun without them tiring so easily.

I highly recommend BARF to anyone who wants to try it and give their animals a new lease on life. I don’t think the cost is much different to that of commercial dog food and what pet food company gives back to you in a loyalty program?

Thank you BARF for giving back to me my two muched loved pets to spend more time with.

Thank you again,

One VERY satisfied customer


December 2012


I have always cooked my own dog food, but decided to try the BARF range after seeing it advertised here in town. 

Price wise it was very similar to the mince/vegetable/noodle & gravy I was making up, but the advertised associated benefits were tempting so I decided to give it a try. 

I made the swap over 6 months ago and the changes that I’ve noticed are better breath, less gas, more energy (not necessarily a bonus…), a shinier smoother coat and less odor.  I haven’t washed her in most of that time (too cold over the past couple of months anyway), but there is no strong smell and she always looks clean.

One happy owner, one happy dog.

Thanks Pauline.


November 2013