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In twenty-five years as a veterinarian I have explained the principles and benefits of natural diet to most of my clients as part of their pet’s treatment program, and have given out thousands of my brochure Natural Diet for Dogs and Cats. Many more have been

read or downloaded from my website or passed on by clients to other pet owners.

Over the same time i have had many happy reports from dog and cat owners on the rapid improvements in their pets’ behavior and health problems following the change from commercial processed pet food to a balanced, primary raw, natural diet. However for many people the brochure did not contain enough information, and there were still many questions left unanswered.

So here is the book you asked for. This book provides dog and cat owners with what maybe the most important healing tool for the animals under their care – an understanding of the physiological basis for a natural food diet as close as possible to the diet for which nature equipped them and the simple steps to achieve this.

We are increasingly discovering that fresher, more natural whole food is important for own long-term health. Similarly, feeding your animals the diet nature intended is likely to be the best way of keeping them happy and healthy. And as an added bonus, it is more economical than premium quality commercial dried dog or cat food diet.

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WORK WONDERS By Tom Lonsdale


Sometimes a lucky coincidence or chance encounter helps throw new light on an old situation. That’s what happened to me. Finally after 5 years at veterinary school and fifteen years as a qualified vet, I saw that processed foods do immense harm and natural foods work wonders for the health of dogs and other carnivores.

At first I was agast, but then I was uplifted. Here was the answer to so many of the problems facing my patients.

If you own an adult dog that you feed on canned or packaged food, now is the time to make a change. If you have a youn puppy then starting him or her on a more natural diet should work wonders.

Here’s wishing you and your canine companions the best of good health,

Tom Lonsdale

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