Jun 05

Big Dog Probiotics

Big Dog’s Probiotic blend is a high-strength species appropriate formula with 1.5 billion good bacteria per 5g serve. Containing 5 host specific strains, this formula has been developed especially for canine health and vitality. By keeping the gut flora well balanced, this product helps support a healthy digestive tract, a properly functioning immune system and the absorption and utilisation of nutrients from the diet.

   May 26

Little Bites Freeze Dried

Little Bites Freeze Dried

– Tasmanian Salmon
– Lamb

RRP $14.95 per Bag

   Jul 12

How much BARF should I feed



An important feeding consideration is the inclusion of RAW bones into the diet which Big Dog thoroughly recommends.

The above quantities are recommended as the TOTAL daily intake of all food provided to maintain the ideal weight of the dog.

   Aug 08

Big Dog BARF

BARF for Dogs (Standard Range)

Each Box contains 12 x 250g individually sealed patties

– Beef

– Chicken

– Combination

– Fish

– Lamb

– Rabbit

RRP $24.00 per box

   Aug 08

Big Dog BARF Allergy Diet

BARF for Dogs (Allergy Range)

Each Box contains 12 x 250g individually sealed patties

– Turkey

– Kangaroo

RRP $26.00 per box

   Aug 02

Wellbeing BARF for Dogs

Each Box contains 12 x 250g individually sealed patties

For Obesity/Weight issues, Arthritis and Inflammation,

Pancreatitis, Liver issues, Allergies, Autoimmune diseases,

Inflammatory bowel disease, Cancer and Renal Failure.

RRP $28.00 per box

   Aug 02



   Aug 01

Big Dog BARF for Cats

Each Box contains 12 x 115g individually sealed patties

– Turkey

– Rabbit

– Kangaroo

RRP $14.00 per box

   Aug 01

Supplements and Healthy Alternative Range

Revive (300g) – Joint Supplement   –  RRP $37.00

A specially formulated daily supplement for assisting with “Optimum Health” for the aging companion. Include daily in dog or cats’ diet to ensure a base level of vitamins and minerals is maintained for general well being and joint health.  Can be used in conjunction with any feeding regime, but will benefit most where a grain base or processed diet is feed.  For optimum joint health we suggest a change to a raw BARF diet or Leading RAW which will complement the Revive formulation.




Muscle Up (300g) – for Muscle Growth  –   RRP $30.00

The perfect Amino Acid rich muscle supplement for assisting in sustained muscle growth, development and condition.  Fed daily along with your campanions meal to encourage development and growth of strengh and conditioning.  Perfect for showing dogs this supplement is a great addition to your preperation.




Boost (300g) – Immune System Supplement   –  RRP $46.50

This super immune boosting formula contains all natural ingredients included for their individual Immune Boosting properties.  Included daily in your dog or cats meal to stimulate the immune system this supplement is ideal for use when your companion is in recovery or repair as well as assisting keeping common ailments at bay.  The ultimate natural immune booster!



Front Runner (1 litre) – Omega 3, 6 and 9 Oil   –  RRP $23.00

Front Runner (5 litre) – Omega 3, 6 and 9 Oil   –  RRP $54.00

Omega-6 and Omega-3 Oils may assist with:

  • Energy
  • Inflammation
  • Body composition
  • Muscle maintenance
  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Cell structure and function
  • Increased immune system

Lecithin may assist with:

  • Nerve function
  • Blood circulation
  • Vitamin A, E, D and K absorption




Muesli (800g)  –  RRP $15.00

Muesli (10kg)   –  RRP $80.00

Big Dog Muesli doesn’t need to be soaked.  Our “Muesli” is a convenient, nutritional alternative to the common kibble diet, which is simply mixed in with meat and some water to supply a low-preparation, nutritious meal to the dog